WTF-ery: Shipping Shenanigans


I never shop at Walmart, for many reasons, but the lure of a fantastic deal I saw posted online recently got the better of me (wait for it…). Not having received any sort of shipping notification, I was surprised to find this box waiting in the mail today. It was kind of dented, but no big deal. Seemed kind of large, though…

Dimensions: 15 inches X 12 inches X 6.5 inches

Dimensions: 15 inches X 12 inches X 6.5 inches

photo 2(8)

Length of paper stuffed into box for protection of fragile items: 68 inches. (Note for scale: My height is 60 inches.)

photo 3(8)-001




And now the backstory: Someone posted on Facebook that had several Yes to Carrots lip balms on clearance for 8 cents apiece (yes, you read that correctly: $0.08). Because I’m my mother in many ways, I always need to have extra lip balms on hand, so I ordered these five, plus five in another flavor (also 8 cents) and two tinted versions that were 13 cents apiece. According to the Walmart website, the others are still processing and will arrive sometime next week — which means I’ll have at least one more box like this coming. For a (literal) handful of lip balms. Oh Walmart:



6 thoughts on “WTF-ery: Shipping Shenanigans

  1. this is hilarious! and i too stock up because i can never find mine or someone’s kid eats it! but somehow i think walmart will get us in the end for the extra box and paper lol!


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