I Want a Doll! (September 9th edition)

Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls, 1967.

In which I tell you what I’m hooked on this week.

What I’m Watching: Lifetime has been teasing its Saturday premiere of Girl in the Box all summer long, and I’m pumped. This is such a bizarre case, which I first heard about thanks to a classic episode of American Justice (A&E’s marathons of which initially got me interested in the true crime genre). Frankly, I’m amazed it’s taken so long to get to Lifetime; I hope the movie does the story justice. But if it doesn’t, I can watch the two-hour documentary that immediately follows the movie.

What I’m Reading: I do love a conspiracy theory AND a bargain, so downloading Diana The Abduction Mystery Solved to my Kindle for zero cents was a no-brainer. (At that price, I’ll overlook the lack of punctuation in the title.) I look forward to having my mind blown.

What I’m Streaming: A few weeks ago, I listened to a preview for a new podcast called In the Dark, about the unsolved disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. And then over the weekend, the confessed killer led authorities to Jacob’s remains. The podcast is still going to air — the first two episodes dropped this week rather than later in September as originally planned — but I have to wonder whether the reporters working on it are secretly hella-pissed about this turn of events. I can’t even imagine the behind-the-scenes scrambling going on right now.

What I’m Drinking: I’ve been splitting a Green Monster with Chris every morning this week. (For realsies.) It’s not so bad, especially if you chug it down at peak coldness.

What I’m Trying: Trips to Ulta inspire odd purchases. I’ll be giving Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Cooling Pack a whirl while I watch Girl in the Box.

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