Reigniting the Sparkle

I’m back, bitches!!!

Sorry, I’m going to blame binge-watching prior seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Hulu for that little greeting. Very rude of me. It’s not usually in my nature to be so salty.

Anyhoodle, I cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post — TWO YEARS. That’s bananas. So what have I been doing all that time? Working. Working. Working some more. Trying to spin a bunch of plates and dropping them right and left. Losing all sense of work/life balance. Really, it’s not been a sparkly good time on the whole.

BUT — in an effort to recalibrate, I got all my work caught up (for the first time in a few years, lit’rally) and notified my clients that I was taking a whole week off. E-mails would not receive replies, questions would go unanswered. I had grandiose ideas of getting my house in some semblance of order, and I did make a teensy bit of headway there, but I mainly indulged in some extended, unrepentant, glorious laziness. I’m talking daily naps, hours of podcasts while I putzed around with organizing my kid’s room, and that aforementioned RuPaul-a-Thon in the evenings. I feel semi-human again for the first time in a long while — which brings me back to my goofy little blog.

Serious opinions on the Lifetime movie of the week? I have them. Rants or raves regarding the monthly weirdness in my Ipsy bag? I have them. Bizarre little notions that strike me as funny and therefore must be shred? Yep. So check in and join the conversation!

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