Earl Grey by Demeter; Or, “Quit Buying Perfume That Smells Like Food”

OTYS: Try new perfume.

I’ve always liked the idea of perfume but have found very few that I’ll actually wear. It can’t be overly strong, and I avoid flower-based scents so that I don’t smell like the inside of an old lady’s handbag (I dismiss a lot of smells with the shorthand “old lady handbag,” including original flavor Febreze — blergh). My standby for several years has been Clinique Happy, because I like the citrus base. And then, thanks to a discount code with my Ipsy subscription, I did some browsing on the Demeter Fragrance site and purchased Earl Grey Tea cologne spray and roll-on perfume oil.

Pros: The oil in particular smells terrific. I know it’s weird to be constantly sniffing my wrists, but I do it surreptitiously when I wear this scent (as I’ve mentioned before, the smell of Earl Grey is The Best). Lovely.

Cons: Both the cologne and the oil seem to fade very quickly. Chris claimed to be unable to smell them at all even after I had just applied them (and then he told me to quit buying perfume that smells like food, because that drives him bonkers — I can’t help liking non-flower scents, okay? It’s not as though I bought the pizza perfume). If anyone out there has tried these or other Demeter offerings, any suggestions for making them last longer? Or do I need to just apply much more generously?