Test Monkey: Adovia Natural Facial Moisturizer

damienBecause of my vast social influence, sometimes I get to try products out and tell you, gentle readers, about the results. But rest assured that my opinions are completely honest and unbiased — only Diet Coke or Frito-Lay could buy my love. (Seriously, call me, Diet Coke or Frito-Lay!)

Facial moisturizers: I don’t typically use them, mainly because I’m lazy about such routines — I mean, I’m not exactly Patrick Bateman in the morning. Or in the evening. Or ever (although I do like Huey Lewis & the News). But I am getting older and should start caring about these things, I suppose, so I gave this product a shot.

It puts the lotion on its skin...

It puts the lotion on its skin…

Adovia Mineral Skin Care touts its inclusion of Dead Sea minerals, grapeseed oil, and other natural ingredients in its products as being key to their effectiveness. I can’t speak to whether those specific claims are true, but I can say the Moisturizing Day Cream had advantages and disadvantages (for me, at least). On the plus side, it’s very thick and a little goes a long way, so a jar of this size should last a good while. Despite its initial heaviness, the moisturizer does absorb nicely, so I don’t feel as though I’m wearing a Crisco mask after applying it (and my hands benefit, too). On the (minor) minus side, it has a light scent that isn’t “old-lady handbag,” but I can’t quite put my finger on it — Chris and I were both trying to identify it like we were playing “Password” and eventually settled on “vaguely cotton- or linen-scented candle, or maybe light laundry detergent.” So it’s not terrible, but if you prefer facial products to be unscented (as I do), caveat emptor.

I’m still not quite in the habit of using it daily, as I should, but once cold weather is here and the air is drier, I can see myself reaching for it more often. You can learn more about Adovia here and order its products direct or through Amazon and other online retailers.

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